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Industry                  Financials
Location                   Slovenia
Launch                   June 2014
Capital investment        100%
Bank Loan                        0%
Revenue growth *  250-300%
Profit Margin                   80%
Credit/Stability **    zero debt
Pay-out ***                      80%
Dividend Yield                30%

* Ratio of revenue growth to year 1
** Times Senior Charges are earned
*** Percentage of earnings paid for common equity shares

Welcome to BSA-Kapital, a private equity fund for effective high technology service business.

BSA-Kapital, investicije d.o.o. (BSA) owns majority shares in four (4) investment projects in four (4) countries.

Portfolio is diversified in utilities (solar power plants), consumer discretionary (entertainment / adventure park), agriculture (innovative agricultural production) and consumer staples (food production), in Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia and Israel.

BSA-Kapital Portfolio

BSA has a projected estimated annual revenue of 0,5 mln. €.

BSA is an international private equity fund based in Maribor, Slovenia with diversified portfolio of investment projects and portfolio of joint ventures with companies who conduct high growth businesses in need of fresh capital to expand. BSA is completely open to domestic and foreign investment, in accordance with the principles of the European Union and the OECD, and does not discriminate between national and foreign investors.

Out of the superb strategic position headquartered at the heart of Europe, strong corporate culture of transparency and accountability, BSA is positioning itself around the most dynamic region with plenty of opportunities to earn high return on investments (ROI).

BSA is also always on the look to expand its business, therefore BSA is open to new investors looking for higher return on capital than the return on capital with general financial instruments (banks, public companies etc.).

BSA is interesting for:
– active investors at approximately 10K-1M invest-capital
– business owners in industrial service sector going to expand
– business owners going to retire
– business owners selling their shares or business in total

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